OLT Footcare has just introduced a 3D foot scanner + 3D printer package to custom foot orthotics industry, with it a podiatrist can scan a patient’s feet, fill out a prescription form, and 3D print the custom foot orthotics, all in his/her clinic.
First, the foot plantar surface of a patient is scanned into thousands of XYZ points by using OLT foot scanner, which is based on LED structured light technology developed for automotive industry in the past 10 years. Scan itself takes about 2 seconds and post-data process takes about 3 minutes. Then, a podiatrist prescribes the custom foot orthotics based on the biomechanical examination and gait analysis of the patient’s feet. The prescription usually includes: shell flexibility, heel cup depth, rearfoot/forefoot posting, heel lift and cutouts. With the digitized foot plantar data and the prescription, a special software installed with the OLT foot scanner automatically creates the rigid shell of the custom foot orthotics for viewing and 3D printing. Finally polypropylene-alike material is used to print out the rigid shell on a desktop 3D printer in 2–4 hours. A top cover is later added on to complete the entire process.
3D Printed Foot Orthotics In Your Clinic