Scanner Specs:
· Measurement Time: < 1.8 second
· Measurement Accuracy: 0.15 mm (0.006     inch), calibrated and fully certified
· Point Spacing: 0.3 mm (0.012 inch)
· Number of points: 300,000+
· Field of View: 310 x 180 mm (12 x 7 inch)


How to Scan Feet:
· Input customer name
   · Set up one foot on the scanner (it doesn’t matter which foot)
   · Push scan button to measure (hold foot still for 1.8 sec)
   · Set up another foot on the scanner
   · Push scan button to measure (hold foot still for 1.8 sec)
   · Process foot data and create a foot report


A structured pattern (dots, square markers, parallel lines…) is projected onto an object to be measured.  The curved surface causes the pattern to deform (the straight lines turn into curved lines…).  The way and amount of deformation to the original uniformed structured pattern is purely due to the surface shape.  In other words, the surface shape information is encoded into the deformed structured pattern.   A sophisticated computer program is involved to “decode” the surface shape — to turn each pixel of the deformed pattern image into a spatial point with known XYZ coordinates.  The collection of all these XYZ points (could be easily over 300,000+ ), which represents the 3D shape of the object, is called “point cloud” data.